Israel - April 2017

I’ve had a pretty hectic start to the year, playing many tournaments and covering lots of miles so in April I decided to have a training block at Bath and it was just what I needed. I made progress and improvements in all aspects of my game and heading to Israel for 3 tournaments couldn't have come at a better time.

The first two tournaments where in Akko, which is a small town in the Northern District of Israel. I booked into an airbnb about 10 minutes’ drive away with 3 fellow competitors in order to keep the costs down as the tournament hotel was very pricey!! It was nice to stay away from the tennis center as we got to see more of the surrounding areas. In the second week in Akko I came through qualifying beating a higher ranked player in the last round, then I won my first round match against another player ranked higher than myself, before falling to the number 5 seed an ex junior world number 1. In doubles I made the semis finals with my partner from Argentina.

We then travelled back down south to the 3rd tournament which was in the beautiful beach side town of Herzliya. This was one of the nicest places I have ever since in my life. The tennis courts were a matter of meters from the beach. Again here I came through qualifying in singles and then won my first round match before falling to last week finalist in a very close match. In doubles I teamed up with fellow Leeds lad, Jonno Gray, where we made the semis, losing to the eventual winners of the tournament.

The result of the 3 week trip was 2 singles ATP points and 12 doubles ATP points which will put me to new career highs in both singles and doubles when the points are added next week. I really feel I am in a great place with my game and I look forward to improving every day.

I am now going to move onto clay for the summer with my next tournaments being in Poland in two weeks.

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