College life over - new chapter begins

When we get into the swing of the college tennis season free time is very hard to come by, but now its come to an end I have a time to reflect on the season. There were ups and downs as there is with every sport, but personally I have seen great improvement in my game, with much of this coming from the mental side of the game. As a team we had great wins against Miami, Notre Dame and Duke just to name a few. The best part about that was that different team members really stepped up in pressure situations.

College tennis is over for me. It’s quite a strange feeling, with lots of mixed emotions because it is a very unique situation and experience. There is the sadness of never putting on the paw of again and playing for Clemson, but then there is the excitement of starting to play professional tennis. Being a pro tennis player has been something I have dreamed of and worked towards for as long as I can remember. So after having a few days off for my final exams, it’s time to ramp up my training again.

I want to take this opportunity of saying thank you to all the fans who came out to watch us during this season and cheering us on in the matches – it really is appreciated. There are too many people to thank for my time at Clemson but I would like to make a special mention to Chuck , John and Mike ( the coaches ) , Lana we would all be lost without you, Ed and Jane Duckworth , and Wes and Amelia McMullen – thank you all, and of course my team mates at both Florida and Clemson who have become friends for life.

I feel very proud and privileged to have been a student-athlete at Clemson University, the friendships and memories I have made here will live on with me forever. I will walk across the stage to receive my degree next weekend and I will officially be a Clemson Alumni. That will signal the end of my time at Clemson, but I will always be part of the Clemson Family.

It is well documented that to play on the professional tennis circuit costs $30000 a year. This is extremely hard to finance as the earning potential is very low in the first couple of years, however successful !! I have set up a pledge sports website as one of the many ways I am trying to raise funds to support me in my first year as a professional. Any and all donations will be gratefully received.


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