Heartbreaker vs Auburn Tigers

After another great weeks practice we had a tough test against Auburn. We knew coming into the match we would have our work cut out but if we trusted in our preparation and played our game well we could come away with the victory. Unfortunately we lost the match 4-3 after battling for nearly 5 hours. Our coaches emphasized the improvements we have shown since week 1, but that is obviously tough to see so soon after a loss. But whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right? We had a quick turn around because we welcomed Gardener-Webb, and the match started just 90 minutes after finishing against Auburn. We were determined to bounce back, and we did just that. We won that match 7-0 and finished the long, grueling day. We were all ready for bed!!

Personally, it has been a good few weeks, I have won my last 9 matches (singles and doubles,) playing not my best tennis at all times. However I have been making the right decisions at the right times. I am into the second week with my new doubles partner, Alex Favrot (Paris, France) and there has been no breakdowns in communication yet, even if there has been some very broken english and questionable hand signals been used!!

Amongst all this I got the chance to take my girlfriend, Sam, out for an early Valentines dinner. We went to ‘smoke on the water’ in Greenville, South Carolina. Its always good to be able to switch my mind off tennis and appreciate other parts of life. Not every girl would have accepted Valentines day being moved a day earlier so I could play a double header the next day!!

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