Back Home for Christmas

Studying, living, and training in America is a great lifestyle and if I had to make the same choice again I would. However it makes coming home for holidays even more special. I had been away since early June, and was really looking forward to coming back to Leeds. I got to catch up with all my friends and family as well as practice with my old practice partners at David Lloyds. In America our main season is the spring (January-May,) we were sent back to our homes with a strict training plan from our physical trainer, but more importantly the knowledge that all the early mornings, and hard workouts were building up to our return in January.

I wanted some match play when I was home so I entered the British Tour Event that was held at Graves Tennis Center, Sheffield. Due to my inactivity in British tennis tournaments I had to qualify, which I did beating 2 higher ranked and rated players in the process, but I also got much needed match practice. Into the main draw I went, where I beat the number 5 seed, Harry Skinner in round one. I then followed this up with another win over a higher ranked and rated player in Damien Rodriguez in round two. I eventually fell to a good friend and fellow American college player, Jack Findel-Hawkins. I got exactly what I wanted from that tournament and felt a lot of hard work paying off.

I returned to Clemson on January 5th, raring and ready to go.

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