"What stands out about Luke are his willingness to learn and his commitment to improving his mental game. From day one of our work together , he has shown a goal orientated and process driven mindset, which are skills that will help him to thrive as he continues his career. He is driven , focused and an all round great athlete , but more importantly he is a great person"

Cory Shafer - Psychologist at Clemson University  

" I had the great pleasure of teaching Luke mini tennis. His quiet determination always impressed me. Once I showed him the need for a development, there was never a fuss. He just got on with the job as if he knew what he wanted. 


A group session I particularly remember was at Batley Tennis Centre when he was about 6 years old. Players arrived for a regional level 16 & under competition. Instead of watching the other matches, they watched the group. I heard one boy say, “have you seen these kids, they’re really good.” Luke was a player attracting attention even then. He made me proud on that day, and has done ever since."


Amanda Twigg - Luke's First Coach 



Luke has returned from 4 years of college tennis in the USA. He has made a significant improvement and has made a full commitment to professional tennis. He sensibly coached in the USA for the summer in order to get some money behind him. He is now investing in himself by being at Bath.


At Bath we are delighted with both his attitude and the size of his game. Prior to going to the states he had a world ranking and it will not be long before he is into the hundreds.


I have known Luke and his family for several years and their commitment to this project is for a minimum of 4 years as they have a clear understanding of the journey.


Based on my experience I believe it is entirely possible for Luke to make top 200 within 4 years. The weight of shot and quality of his hit means that he has huge weapons which will allow him to stand out from many players. I believe he has the weight of shot that can not only survive but thrive on the tour as he gains an understanding of how to use his game.


We would be looking at :-



  • 2017 – Top 500

  • 2018/19 – Top 300 – 2 year period to get to top 300. Aim to consolidate and mix futures and challengers as ranking improves to get used to the level. 500 – 300 is a big step but we agreed as a team this is a realistic time scale to make the transition.

  • 2020 – Top 200



  • Play a full schedule and progress doubles at a similar rate but the main focus is on singles.


2017 Goals.

  • Technically -  Builds his game around serve and forehand

  • Mentally – doing lots of work with Dave Sammel and Bath who are experienced at producing players

  • Strength and Conditioning – led by Bob Smith . 1 main training block and 3 smaller ones.


Long Term Goals

  • 2017 – To make top 500 singles

  • To make a living out of tennis inside the top 300 ASAP.

Dave Sammel - Head Coach , MCTA TeamBath Academy


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