Dave Sammel. - International Tennis Coach


Currently Head Coach of TeamBath. Has coached more top 100 players than any other coach in Britain. Coached ten players to represent their countries in Davis Cup and Olympics.  

Author of Locker Room Power ( LRP )

and has worked with Premiership football clubs and other International athletes to improve their own LRP. He was named as a world top 50 coach by Nike from 1996 - 2002.


"I am excited to be able to work with Dave on my return to the UK as I feel he can help me to maximise my potential with his honest approach and clear direction. Through four years in college I feel I have developed as a player but more significantly I am physically and mentally stronger. 


I am ready to "go" on the professional stage. I know it will be a long hard journey but this is what I have wanted since the age of 3 ! " 

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